My Websites

This is a list of websites i own and manage.

This is a website for a group of individuals and their networks to help you achieve whatever your business needs are.

OP Websites

These are website's i've designed and manage for other people.

Brick Yourself
Brick Yourself was essentially created at my house with the designer BrickMan Dan. We go to the markets and are also developing other ways to deliver minifig creations.
Cluster Syndicate
Quit Tobacco product and information
Posilift Australia
This is posilift's website with regional settings for australia. It is not completed. But they don't want to progress
Sergio's Pizzeria Newtown
Sergio's Pizzeria Newtown is a family owned traditional Italian restaurant. They have awesome pasta and the best pizza in their wood fired pizza oven.
Your Health Expert
A website I manage for a client that helps me get fit and healthy. She is great.

Work in Progress

These are my current websites i'm designing or are incomplete.

Aussie Music Torrents
This is a website where i list promotional music that i have been given permission to upload.
Awesome Photo Cards
Photo Cards are my way of bringing the new with the old. Save your precious photos to hard copy with my easy to manage system and albums.
Bender Bag | Toiletries Bag
This is a domain i'm keeping for a toiletries bag i'm designing that hopefully can be sold at every supermarket and store in Australia or even Worldwide. This bag will be a modular system that you can build and restock as you need it. Everything is travel sized or small portions.
Blurred Weekends
Blurred Weekends is something i have been working on since i was 15. Hopefully it will be completed one day.
Bounce Computers
Bounce Computers is an IT company i'm setting up with my best buddy Oliver. We aim to service small to medium sized businesses with our network of IT staff.
BrickMan Dan
BrickMan Dan is a lego entreprenuer and designer. This is his blog
Charity Stockings
This is a project i am working on to give stockings to children that need them for christmas. The goal is to sell a stocking to someone and a stocking will be donated or they can choose to donate a stocking.
Custom Snake Tanks
Custom Snake Tanks are made by my friend Caine and he want to build tanks and enclosures for big reptile parks.
Frenzy Dealz
Frenzy Dealz is an ecommerce website that i am setting up. It is just products that i have sourced and recommend.
Gaming Home Theatre PC |
This is my guide for Gaming Home Theatre PC installations. I have done many installations and i am now documenting them here. I also provide a guide to setup and configure your own. I review games i play on my GHTPC here.
Industrial Manipulators Blog
An RSS Feed blog for industrial manipulators
My SEO Panel
This is where i manage all my SEO . Your welcome to make a free account and utilise my addons.
Your Beauty Expert
This is a website i am holding for a make up artist that is part of my team maybe. The website is still open for a make up artist.